Leren van je bazen. De totstandkoming van de metaal-cluster van Tegelen, 1855-1914


  • Lenn Gorissen Sociaal Historisch Centrum voor Limburg




negentiende eeuw, twintigste eeuw, industriële geschiedenis, Limburg, Tegelen, Kamp & Soeten


Contemporary understanding of the industrial history of Tegelen is largely confined to its former ceramic industry. The local metal industry, however, also deserves appraisal. This article is a first attempt to bring together the fragmented body of literature on this topic and, by adding additional sources and theories, to arrive at new insights into the emergence of the metal cluster in Tegelen. The empirical findings testify to a development trajectory that is quite remarkable as entrepreneurs were confronted with a set of challenges unfavourable to economic growth throughout the formative years of the industry. These challenges included: the absence of essential raw materials; a lack of specialised knowledge available in close proximity; and limited accessibility due to a variety of issues related to the (extra)regional infrastructure. In view of these bottlenecks, the article sets out to answer the following three research questions: Why did the pioneering entrepreneurs choose Tegelen as their place of business? How did they manage to overcome the challenges on their path? And which factors and dynamics ultimately led to cluster formation? In answering these questions, close attention is paid to the Kamp & Soeten firm - the first and for a long time the only metal company in Tegelen. During its monopoly position, which lasted no less than 33 years, Kamp & Soeten helped create the conditions for a new branch of industry to flourish in the Tegelen region.

Biografie auteur

Lenn Gorissen, Sociaal Historisch Centrum voor Limburg

Lenn Gorissen MSc (1996) was van 2017 tot medio 2019 als onderzoeksmedewerker verbonden aan de Commissie geschiedenis van Ondernemingenen Ondernemers in Limburg, een gezamenlijk initiatief van het LGOG en SHCL. In 2019 behaalde hij cum laude zijn onderzoeksmaster diploma Cultures of Arts, Science &Technology aan de Universiteit Maastricht met een scriptie getiteld: ‘The Evolution of an Innovation System in the Periphery. The Case of the Metal Cluster in Tegelen, Dutch Limburg (1855-1975)’. 





Gorissen, L. (2019). Leren van je bazen. De totstandkoming van de metaal-cluster van Tegelen, 1855-1914. Studies over De Sociaaleconomische Geschiedenis Van Limburg/Jaarboek Van Het Sociaal Historisch Centrum Voor Limburg, 64, 70-101. https://doi.org/10.58484/ssegl.v64i12330